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Unveiling the Harmful Impact of Ultra Processed Foods (UPFs) on Health

In the quest for health, the choices seem straightforward: corn kernels over corn chips, potatoes instead of Pringles, and oranges rather than orange concentrate. Yet, consistently making the healthier choice is a battle against 'Big Food,' which designs its products to be irresistible, easily accessible, and instantly gratifying.

When it comes to medicine and health supplements, our motivations differ. We seek healing and wellness, not immediate satisfaction or flavour. But it begs the question: could the same industrial forces skewing our food choices also compromise the integrity and efficacy of our medicines and supplements?

In Australia, a startling 60% of the population grapples with at least one health condition, with 46% suffering from chronic illnesses. A significant culprit behind this distressing statistic is Ultra Processed Foods (UPFs). These products, barely resembling whole foods, are laden with chemically modified substances and additives engineered to enhance taste, texture, and shelf life. The average Australian gets 60% of their calories from UPFs—a figure that alarmingly rises to 80% in children.

The narrative that has been peddled for years—that obesity and related health issues stem from an excess of sugar, fat, and salt in UPFs—might be oversimplifying the problem. What if the real villain is the cocktail of additives lurking within these foods?

Recent findings from a groundbreaking study published in the British Journal of Medicine, and summarised by the ABC, highlight the dire consequences of high junk food intake, including a significant increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease, anxiety, mental disorders, and type 2 diabetes. The study points to additives' adverse effects on gut microbiome and inflammation and raises concerns about the potential "cocktail effects" of multiple additives, not to mention the risks posed by undeclared chemicals formed during intensive food processing.

Ultra Processed Foods UPF

As more Australians turn to medicines and health supplements in search of relief, it's crucial to ponder whether these products are subject to the same degree of processing and additive overload as UPFs.

Enter NAQED, a fresh face in the medicinal and supplement landscape, armed with a novel perspective and a foundational principle: "Firstly, do no harm." Our deep knowledge of Nature-Based Systems, coupled with our efforts to introduce new medicinal crops to Australia's finest farmers and harness the best of Australian science, sets the stage for developing truly safe, chemical-free plant medicines. Adhering to the rigorous standards of the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), we're not just offering alternatives; we're pioneering a movement.

NAQED stands at the vanguard, advocating for a return to nature and integrity in health solutions. We envision leading Australia—and indeed, the world—towards a future where the cure is undeniably better than the cause.



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