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Securing the Future of Plant-Based Innovations: The Essential Role of Plant Breeder's Rights (PBR)

In the rapidly evolving landscape of agri-tech and plant-based medicines, safeguarding intellectual property (IP) emerges as a pivotal challenge, especially in sectors where traditional forms of patent protection may falter. This is where Plant Breeder's Rights (PBRs) come into play, offering protection for innovators and researchers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of botanical possibilities.


Why Plant Breeder's Rights Matter

PBR represent a specialised form of IP protection that recognises the creativity and effort invested in developing new plant varieties. These rights empower breeders by granting them exclusive control over the propagation and sale of their innovations, ensuring a return on investment and fostering continued innovation in plant breeding.

In the domain of plant-based medicines, where the distinction and uniqueness of botanical varieties are paramount, PBR stand out as a solid way to protect IP. They ensure that breeders can reap the rewards of their discoveries, which is often a daunting task in this industry due to the complex nature of plants and their compounds.

PBR field trial

NAQED: Pioneering Excellence in PBR Services

At NAQED, we are at the forefront of navigating the intricate PBR application process, under the expert guidance of Dr Val Natanelov, our Chief Innovation Officer and a Qualified Person with IP Australia. Our comprehensive services are designed to support third parties in securing PBR for their botanical innovations, guiding them from initial feasibility studies through the intricate application stages.

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Our end-to-end service includes:

  • Feasibility Study: An initial assessment to evaluate the novelty and distinctiveness of the botanical variety.

  • Stop-Go Decision Meeting: A critical juncture to align on project progress based on the feasibility study.

  • Application Preparation: Meticulous preparation and submission of the application in two parts, ensuring compliance with PBR requirements.

This process underscores our commitment to innovation, excellence, and the protection of intellectual property in the plant-based sector.

The NAQED Advantage

Choosing NAQED for PBR services means accessing unparalleled expertise in plant genetics and the PBR process. Our approach is bespoke, recognising the uniqueness of each innovation and aligning with our partners' strategic goals. Through exclusive expertise and tailored collaboration, we lead the plant-based sector toward a sustainable and impactful future.

Engage with NAQED

We invite entities passionate about innovation and sustainability in the plant-based sector to explore potential collaborations. Our selective involvement ensures that each partnership is strategically aligned and capable of making significant industry contributions.

For those venturing into the realm of plant-based IP or looking to protect their botanical innovations, understanding and leveraging PBRs is crucial. With NAQED, your innovations are not just protected; they're poised to thrive in a competitive market.

Let's shape the future of plant-based innovation together. For inquiries into strategic partnerships and to discover how we can achieve excellence together, please reach out to us.

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