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Experts in Bioactive Yield

At NAQED, we are cultivating the future of botanical innovation beyond traditional practices to a world where every seed, leaf, and root is optimised for its maximum bio-active potential. 

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Nurturing Botanical Value

Delivering Innovation in Full Spectrum Bioactive Retention

At NAQED, our expertise is all about the bioactive yield and functional botanical ingredients unmatched in quality, purity, and traceability. We commit to exceeding TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) standards, ensuring every product is not only traceable but also embodies the pinnacle of botanical excellence — all cultivated on Australian soil.

Our methods are both systemic and sustainable, employing circular practices that reflect our commitment to the environment. By focusing on innovation at every step of cultivation and processing, NAQED is not just growing plants; we are pioneering the future of botanical health solutions. Our dedication to purity, potency, and sustainability positions us as leaders in the plant-based wellness industry, proudly Australian and globally recognised.

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Leading Sustainable Carbon Solutions

Innovation, Efficiency, Impact

At NAQED, we view carbon challenges through an interconnected lens, inspired by the intricate balance between the soil biome, atmosphere, and human gut biome. Understanding this deep connectivity pushes us to redefine carbon capture, not as an isolated process, but as a crucial element in a web of systems. We're here not only to lead in carbon capture innovation but to foster symbiosis across these crucial biomes. Our mission doesn't stop at challenging the carbon status quo; it's about weaving technology, green energy, and holistic strategies to create a harmonious carbon future. By tapping into the nuances of nature's interconnected systems, as depicted in our nexus of biomes, we aim for a future where carbon capture is not just efficient but transformative, promoting a well-being that transcends the environment to humanity. Embrace this journey with us, as we endeavour to reshape not just the carbon landscape, but the way we view our world's delicate balance.

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Our Approach

From Seed to Shelf

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Nature-Based Solutions

Here at NAQED, we are experts in cultivating distinctive plant varieties protected by Plant Breeder Rights (PBR).  Our unique approach to botanical plant production maximises bioactive compound yields and efficiency in our advanced processing systems. Our production volume can be rapidly scaled using NAQED’s advanced agronomic practices to meet expected exponential growth in consumer demand. This combined with the unlocking of full spectrum benefits in these unique plants guarantees exceptional new standard setting at every stage of our innovative product delivery process.

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Impact Sustainability

NAQED’s integrated production system is delivered in collaboration with Australia's best farmers and acts as a catalyst for soil health improvement practices.  Our circular system contributes to increased biodiversity, greater crop resilience, enhanced plant nutrition density, and the generation of certified soil carbon credits. With our fly-wheel impact approach to sustainability, we not only enrich the natural environment but also strengthen agricultural production for a better future.

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Proven Expertise

At NAQED, our team and farming partners maintain world leading standards in our product & service offer. We excel in effectively risk managing climate and weather variability through supply chain strategies that are proven and built on professional Australian foundations. With our track record of success, we assure the reliability and success of our agricultural production.

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Pioneering Tomorrow

At NAQED, we are always forward-looking. Our systemic approach is designed to be accelerated by future opportunities and challenges. As new crop, product, and nutrition processing opportunities emerge, we collaborate with our partners to efficiently transform these opportunities into reality. This delivers certainty and transparency in the value creation process, pathfinding the way to a dynamic and abundant future.

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Meet Our Team

Let’s Work Together


Shane Quinn

Chief Executive Officer

A dedicated leader, Shane brings more than two decades of relevant experience to the helm of NAQED. With a sharp focus on scalability, unyielding quality, and circular economy sustainability his commitment to achieving excellence in this dynamic industry guides our team to new standards.

Dr Val Natanelov

Dr Val Natanelov

Chief Innovation Officer

A visionary innovator, reshaping nutrition supply chains, Val blends holistic design thinking, innovation strategy, and systemic practices in a dynamic 'seed to shelf' execution. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, he forges a sustainable path forward.

Luke De Paoli

Luke De Paoli

Chief Operations Officer

A third-generation farmer, Luke seamlessly integrates next-generation practices into thriving multi-crop operations. He brings this innovative delivery capacity to NAQED in our novel botanical growing and processing programs, ensuring a practical and efficient execution.

Samara De Paoli

Samara De Paoli

Chief Financial Officer

NAQED's CFO, Samara is responsible for all financial matters, including budgeting, financial planning, and value-chain accounting. Her strategic acumen ensures NAQED's solid financial footing, as we found a new vertically integrated advanced manufacturing industry in Australia.

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Join the Transformation

Seeking Trailblazing Partners

At NAQED, we're spearheading a paradigm change, one that's defined by integrative innovation and collaboration. We invite qualified partners to join the revolution, where you'll gain access to agri-food systemic value chain thinking and innovation delivering. Our standards in transparency means our natural health products are traceable to the very field, plant, and seed from which they grew. Embrace the future of agri-nutrition with us.

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